African Violet Seedlings Update

First post on my hybrids can be found here.

It’s now fifteen weeks, around four months, since my AV hybrid seed was sown.  The picture below shows the first seedling which germinated.  If you look at the leaves at 2/8 o’clock you’ll see they have a distinct serrated edge as compared to the older leaves which are mostly smooth edged.  It’s nice to see this trait in some of the seedlings as I prefer serrated edges to plain by far.  About 1/2 of them show some red colouring on the back of the leaf.  I expect that to go up as they only appear to gain red pigmentation at a certain size / leaf maturity which not all have arrived at yet.


The plantlets are getting bigger nearly every day – as soon as they are separated from the nursery bed into their own cell they seem to take a growth spurt.   Three weeks takes a plant from this size:

to this size:

I was surprised at the rate of growth given how slow ‘leaf babies’ can come on.  As you can see, there’s a wide range in sizes even amongst similarly aged seedlings.  All of the ones in the bottom row were the same size when planted but where the leftmost have filled out their cells, the other three aren’t even close.  It’ll be interesting to see if some are just ‘weaker’ or if they are genuinely going to be smaller plants – their smaller leaf size gives me some hope for the latter.

I was interested in how many would germinate and how long it would take when I first began.  It’d been mentioned that it was worth keeping a tray of seeds for up to or over three months due to the fact AVs have a wide germination window.  Thus, I logged how many plants had germinated per day since the first one.  It’s not too onerous as it allows me to have an excuse to peek at them ;)  At the weekend I made a table of my results so far, condensing the days down to weeks.  It was definitely interesting – I’d expected a bell curve of germination given the very stable germination conditions but it’s a wee bit more complex:


Although the first seedling germinated within two weeks, and there was a good amount of germination for the first month or so, the peak in germination (so far) was after 9/10 weeks!  This really does make keeping your seed trays around longer a must-do if it’s a general trend (can’t rule out that it’s something to do with my growing conditions on this alone).

Even now, at four months, I’m still having a seed germinate most days…

Salad, anyone?

An update on my seedlings can be found here.

  1. n.b. I have problems with numbers, so it’s not unlikely that I’ve made a silly mistake in plotting the graph… If you notice anything let me know! =)

One thought on “African Violet Seedlings Update

  1. I have a seed pod but it’s still green and not as big as yours. I’m looking forward to reading about the Flowers your seeds will produce. I guess you will expect them to have both colours mixed.

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