November Chills

Or… lack thereof, really. I don’t really have a very good memory so I was curious as to whether my subjective “last year was way colder at this time of year, the garden felt more ‘over’ for the year ” was true and went in search of photos.  Turns out I had actually underestimated quite how cold it was last November and how bare the garden was by comparison!

Snow!  That second picture was taken on the 27th of November last year – almost a week short of a year ago.  Even the first picture shows the heavy frosts we were already getting.  So far I’ve not noticed frost on the ground during the day and even at night we’re rarely dropping to zero degrees.  Things are still green and growing – though I have a lot more junk lying around for ‘future plans’ ;)

I also have a lot more food plants which are actually growing – winter radish, kale, mustard greens; and a few flowers, carnation and cosmos, which are still going for broke – though the cosmos will likely fall over as soon as we get a good hard frost.  I’m holding off on cutting it back until then as its tall stems and feathery foliage still give a nice structure to the garden – acting as a ‘fence’ between the front and back portions.




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