I feel like I escaped relatively unscathed from the storms, to be honest.  The worst off plants were just a little pushed around – no severe damage, no loss-of-shed-roof or any of that sort of thing.  My smaller, red, velvet queen sunflowers are all looking a little drunken but they’ve not been uprooted.  The taller ones were more of a surprise – I truly expected the two which peeked over the fence to be decapitated by the wind as I had nothing tall enough to stake them all the way up with.  However, as you can see below, they came out fairly unscathed =)

The gladis didn’t fare so well, but I had expected as much – having cut all of the other tall flower spikes which were nearly over yesterday.  These two still had a few flowers on them so I figured I’d give them a chance and see how they stood up to the winds.  Surprisingly, the one on the right hand side was salvageable but the other had to be added to the compost heap.

The sweetcorn, as you can see, was fairly flattened – but again, it was salvageable enough with some heavy soil piled up to give the lower stems a bit more support.  Perhaps most surprisingly of all, the greenhouses are still both intact and didn’t feel the need to fall over!

One odd little thing I found was that there was a wee lupin which had decided to flower rather late – a bit of a bad time for it to poke its head up, to be honest!  The few casualties that did occur – a few sunflowers and the gladis which weren’t wrecked, were brought inside to give a nice display out of the wind.

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