Late Beginners

My first and only raspberry and the first of my little tomatoes.  Fingers crossed that it’ll be the first of many!

Legousia Pentagonia flower – I thought I’d lost these pretty little ground-cover plants when I’d accidentally left them in the shed.  I noticed them suddenly yesterday when I went out to check on things after a weekend away from the garden.  Next to it, is a teeny tiny physalis pod!  I wasn’t entirely sure that they’d survive outside but I had just run out of room indoors and gave it a shot.  They’ve certainly done better than the tomatillos I tried to grow.

This holly bush has caused me some consternation since we  moved in.  It’s very vigorous – the picture on the left was the first time I pruned it when we first moved in and, as you can see, the height them was reduced to the edge of the fence but it’s now grown several feet past it again.  I tried at the time to just keep it from making its way over the fence but this time I decided to give it a prune to make it more of a tree instead of a bush.  I wanted to be able to get in underneath it, and maybe plant a climber up it (which I now have, a lovely white alpina type, spring flowering clematis).

The bed in which the holly bush sits is ‘next years project’ ;)

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