End of June ‘Quick-notes’

The one squash outdoors which has survived is blooming.  After a shaky start and removing a few grubby, yellowed leaves it seems to finally be settling down and getting to work producing squash.  This variety is ‘Boston’, an early winter squash – I’m not sure it’ll manage a full-sized fruit this late in the year but that I’ve gotten this far is a personal achievement.

There seem to be a good number of bees around this year – they are certainly loving my sage, lupins, and foxgloves.

I must have mixed up a seedling when planting these lettuces – a row of green punctuated by deep red =) These petunias (‘Fanfare Dark Blue’) are growing really well.  Despite being in a tiny container it’s growing and blooming profusely – I know these are bred to work in hanging baskets but I didn’t expect them to work quite so wall in the flower bags due to the limited amount of soil available in them.

These are the same buddleja I grew from seed on the windowsill last winter – I can’t believe they’re getting so big.  Growth isn’t super-fast at the moment but it’s still satisfying to see them getting a little bushier with each passing week.  I’ve been advised that they’ll most likely take a growth spurt in the autumn so watch this space.

The turnips are getting to a fair size now – this picture is of a ‘thinning’ – one I removed to allow the others to grow to full size with plenty of space.

I’m now up to over 4 and 1/2 kilos of produce this year – with plenty still to come.  Not bad, for a beginner, though there are certainly particular areas (I’m looking at you, beans and peas) where I feel my harvests have been very low so far.

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