Weeding Week

Now that I’ve (just about) caught up with my planting, stuffing the last few unfortunates into the ground in the hope that being kept in their pots hasn’t hurt them over-much, I decided it was finally time to make a start on the weeds. I actually don’t mind weeding, especially on a nice day, but I knew this was going to be a full-scale war. Especially with the creeping buttercup. Oh how I love and hate thee, creeping buttercup. Beautiful flowers, horribly invasive. If it stayed in my lawn I’d honestly let it do it’s thing – same with clover and daisies – I’m not one for a ‘manicured’ lawn – I even leave the ‘annoying to cut’ bit at the side to go a bit wild as the birds seem to like it. When those weeds start invading my veg bed, though…

From a quick look on the internet, I think I can say with fair certainty that I found these weeds: creeping buttercup, dandelions, daisies, hairy bittercress and / or thale cress, sheep’s sorrel, bugle, white clover, groundsel, rosebay willowherb, broad leaved willowherb, sow thistle, cleavers, bramble, and possibly pineapple weed, I’ll need to go back out and smell it. Oh and marigolds (calendula) since I’ve taken up nearly as many of those as all the rest of the weeds combined. There were others, but I caught them either too small to be identified or I have too fuzzy a memory of them to guess at what they might have been.

Some of the weeds I just trim back, knowing they’ll try to invade my growing space again but enjoying their flowers too much to remove them entirely – like the buttercups, rosebay willowherb, clover, & daisies. I never touch the bugle as I really like it and it isn’t very weedy in my garden.

The last and biggest ‘weed’ I took out was this privet branch:

Our next door neighbour’s privet hedge has remained untrimmed for a few years and is now very tall – I totally don’t mind this as it’s beautiful when in full flower and the birds and bees love using it as a nesting site / perches. However, when there was heavy snow, a lot of it started to overhang my fence. Most of it popped back up but I think the weight of the snow and heavy winds finally took their toll and this branch was half snapped-off by the time I took a saw to it. Now my berry bushes are less shaded and I don’t have to worry about them being dropped on from above. I have absolutely no idea what to do with a small-tree-sized piece of privet, though – pretty sure my mini-shredder won’t manage it ;)

As if that wasn’t enough for me, I’ve also been over to volunteer a couple of times at Jupiter Wildlife Centre in Grangemouth… where I’ve been mostly weeding! It’s just that time of year, I suppose – everything is flourishing, especially the weeds.

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