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This year has been an odd one – a warm spring and, so far, a wet and windy start to summer.  Last year at this time we had weather so hot I had thought  I’d find my garden dead or dying when we came back from a trip to Yorkshire.  This year, although some things got off to a head start, a lot of other things have been delayed for me.  Part of that was the long hospital stay as it meant I’ve been a bit slow about getting some of my brassicas out into the ground. The few I did plant out early are not nearly as progressed as last year’s batch, though, so I’m not sure whether it was too much early heat / lack of water, or not enough sun.

I can’t complain too much, though – the cool weather has meant my lettuces, pak choi and spinach have all lasted a lot longer than they did this time last year – where they were bolting almost as soon as they got two true leaves!

One thing I have in profusion is self-sown marigolds – a bucketful.  These aren’t even all of them as some were left in by virtue of being pretty and prolific growers.  Reminder to self: deadhead flowers, this year!

The peas sown in the bags on the wall are doing not-too-bad.  In fact, they’re doing better than their peers in the ground, hmph.  I’ve never had much luck with peas – they should, by all accounts, be easy to grow but mine never seem to take off as strongly as I see others’ plants doing.

A few more flowers have poked up, breaking the purple hegemony: the black and yellow petunia – which was supposed to be an all black variety – and this year’s first nasturtium flower.  Both the nasturtium plant and blossom are much bigger than any I managed to grow last year – I’ll be continuing to start them inside from now on!



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