Patchy to Pretty

Saturday was a little surreal for me.  Andy had taken a long weekend this week and was catching up on little jobs – like cleaning out his pigsty car and I was at a bit of a loose end.  I wandered outside, looked at the little piece of ground beside the door (above) and when Andy wandered past with hoover in hand, asked him what he thought if I sorta did ‘that and this and took that bit out’ to the little scrap of weedy ground.  He said he was sure that’d look good and pootled off to finish his cleaning.  Cue shovel and digging like a maniac. An hour later I had reshaped the ground to be two-tiered rather than a gentle slope and about an hour and fifteen minutes later I’d begged a lift to Homebase.  15% off day?  Score!  £10 voucher? double score.  A bashed box shredder for £25? – it seems like it was totally my day.  Oh and the plants.  Sooo many plants – hebes, euonymous, rosemary, thyme, foxgloves, ferns, violas, pansies, and primulas – all chosen for their ability to grow in part-shade at the very least apart from the flowers, which I just wanted for some colour until things settled down a bit.

I also added some more foxgloves I had in the garden, some alpine strawberries (again, more for a bit of colour / foliage cover), and lupins.

In the space of about seven hours the above had become this:

It’s still a little sparse looking but the plants will eventually fill out and the front will be brought into the design once the spanish/hybrid bluebells are done doing their thing (if they ever are – I did stomp on them a little with my big wellies, whoops!).  Eventually I’m hoping it’ll be a lush little garden just outside the front door.  Moving the tiny, bumpy patch was a pain, last year, and it never really looked neat.

I’ve also now sown some nigella and forget-me-not.  It’s not an ideal location for either of them – they both prefer it a bit sunnier – but if they even show a little it’ll help fill things out until the shrubs get a chance to bulk out.

In other garden news, everything is in GO mode.  Beans – blue lake, cherokee trail of tears, valdor;  second sowing of tomatos togi xl, yellow scotland; mini physalis, root parsley, turnips, peas and brussel sprouts all went in yesterday.  I really need to wash some pots – I’m running low on clean ones now.  I’ve started a second lot of toms to hopefully get plants with less leggy stems.  I left the last bath in the propagator too long and they seem to be suffering for it, now.  The beans are all early, but I’ve planted them under plastic with the hope of getting an early start and then adding more plants later in the season so that cropping lasts longer.

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