Insert Expletive Here

I just had to say it, didn’t I.

I had just planted a huge bunch of things on monday, many of my seedlings were finally coming up and… SPLAT.  Potatoes are not enough ballast, it seems.  Cue me rooting around in the rain, trying to rescue anything small and green that I could find and any of the larger seeds.  Beans, sunflowers, nasturtiums, marigolds, peas, sweetpeas and ‘unknown brassicas’.  At least most of what was sprouted was fairly easy to distinguish.

I rescued as much of the compost as I could and repotted what I found.  I’ll keep a eye out for random brassicas (either sprouts, cabbage or cauliflower) in with other things, as there was no chance of me finding the tiny black seeds in this lot, as well as my root parsley which I have no idea how it looks – I’ve never grown it before.  I know there are at least two unaccounted for cherokee beans (black seed in black compost is not easy to find) and all of the other beans, which are almost identical looking, are just planted together.  Should be easy to tell them apart when they start to grow, though – their foliage colour is different as is their growth habit (a dark green dwarf french and a green-yellow pole runner)   I have one tub now just filled with the compost that was left over to see if anything comes up.

The greenhouse also has new ballast:

The paving slabs are easily heavier than the grow-bag which is holding the other one upright so hopefully this should stop it taking a tumble again…  If not I’ll probably puncture the cover at the back and tie string through to the fence to secure it.


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