Safe as Greenhouses

Around this time last year I was setting up  a plastic mini-greenhouse and hoping that it’d last more than five minutes, given the ratings similar ones had been given on Amazon.  I figured eventually that, for the cost, it probably didn’t really matter if it didn’t last too long and it would mean I could temporarily keep the militant takeover by plants of all available window-space at bay.  I mostly used it to store ‘spare’ plants, start off some hardier seedlings, and of course hardening off.  It actually ended up managing to survive the winter well – with only a few tiny holes and, despite being light enough to lift with one hand when empty, never blew away.  This year I decided I wanted to try growing tomatoes, figuring the little greenhouse would totally be up to the job – but since space is limited I’ve grabbed a second one!

On Saturday I spent the afternoon in the garden, putting up the new greenhouse and pottering around with various other jobs.  I semi-joked with Andy that next year I’d get another two so I’d have mini-greenhouses expanding all the way along to the end of the fence… ;)   It’s given me a lot more space and one greenhouse now slightly shades the corner of the other – giving me a spot for the slightly less sun/heat-loving plants or those who’ve just begun their foray into the great outdoors.

Greenhouses Side by Side

I’ve also been picking tonnes of marigold seedlings out of the veggie garden.  On the one hand I’m annoyed at myself for not dead-heading the plants last year and shredding the seeds before putting them into the compost but on the other I’m really impressed they’ve managed to survive the winter and I’m tempted to collect some and place them where I actually want marigolds if my current crop of hand-sown seeds doesn’t do well.  At least I know I’d likely be selecting them for hardiness!

I planted some beans which had been in pots until now whilst I was pottering about.  They all looked chunky and healthy and had been hardening off for a week or so outside so I figured I’d plant them whilst it was still relatively cool and overcast – didn’t want them to burn up, given they’re going into a slightly warmer spot in the garden than where they’d been sitting.   They seem to be holding up ok and I’m looking forward to an earlier crop of broad beans. Yum.

Lastly, I also put some potatoes in.  It’s still a bit early here, with a few more promised frosts, but I’ve stuck them in the bottom of one of the greenhouses as ballast until I get the tomatoes in.  It gives the pots a nice, slightly warmer start and me some, hopefully, earlier potatoes.  I stuck handfuls of comfrey in with them so we’ll see how that compares to seaweed, if I can get my hands on some or how it compares to nothing, if I can’t.  Unfortunately my comfrey is quite small still, so unless it sprouts sharpish I won’t have enough for all my potatoes.  I think the comfrey might be pouting at me for continually dis-budding it last year to encourage it to root and grow a bigger crown…

Comfrey clump


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