Kick Off in the Garden

It really does seem to me that things outside are really starting to bounce into action now – every time I go out into the garden something else is popping up or flowering.  Even though I’ve been down with a cold for the last week and a bit I’ve made the effort to get out into the garden – sow a few seeds, check on how the garlic is (settling in nicely, thankyouverymuch) or make a vain attempt at emptying the half-barrel which was supposed to become a planter but is currently a water feature.  It genuinely makes me feel better to do so and gives me a nice burst of enthusiasm and cheeryness despite the rain and snow.

Bean Sprouting

This is one of a few beans which I planted in January in the coldframe.  I’m glad I didn’t bother to plant them before winter as they’d likely have been piles of frozen mush given our winter… however, the late start hasn’t hurt them and they’re now sitting outside in their pots.  They are so lush and green looking, chunky and healthy – I can’t wait to actually plant them in their permanent spot!  This will be my first time growing broad beans so I went for a tried and true variety – ‘Aquadulce’.  It’s apparently a heavy cropper and I’m hoping it’ll like the sunny spot against the fence.

Tiny Hosta

This teeny little thing is a hosta!  I grew some at the tail end of last year and they all came up, put on two leaves and then decided it was time to hibernate.  I was sure they wouldn’t come back up, but I left them on the ‘sill, watering occasionally, and it appears my patience is being rewarded – three of the five have so far shown signs of stirring.  I’ve started some more from seed as I’d really love to have a lot of hostas for the side of the house which is currently just scrubby, untidy looking grass.  I know hostas aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that a lot of people seem to regard them as ‘old fashioned’ but I’m rather partial to them =)

My propagator, which is new to my setup this year, is getting busy – I have two types of tomato (‘yellow scotland’ and a hybrid ‘togi xl’) as well as some unusual chilli peppers (‘venezuelan purple’);  the green tray is the aforementioned hostas and there’s also two winter squash seeds and some parsley.  Last year I didn’t get parsley to germinate until rather late because of the cool temperatures so I want to see if putting it on some heat will help get it started a bit faster – it’s hardy enough once it has a few leaves on it!

Propagator from above

Finally, some spring daffodils – last year these didn’t bloom until quite late in April due to the really bad weather.  These look about ready to pop open any day now.

Daffodil buds

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