Cold Weather Planting

A few weeks ago I noticed that Linda at Slow Growing In Scotland mentioning buying garlic from the Really Garlicky Company and that they had hardy bulbs which were more likely to grow well in Scottish weather.  I’ve loved Really Garlicky garlic since I first had it – Andy and I are very much garlic lovers and were completely bowled over by the size of the cloves and the strong but not bitter or overpowering flavour of them.  I think this is one of the few ‘seeds’ I’ve bought where Andy has agreed instantly and wholeheartedly upon!

That was all well and good.  I ordered and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  No parcel.  Hmm.  Went back to check my order reciept to see when likely delivery date was – no dice but I did notice something which made me face-palm. I’d put my old street address and my new street number – my garlic was probably in someone else’s hallway by now, or in their bolognese sauce… The reason that the post office wouldn’t even have a conflict with postcodes and addresses etc. is that our last house is only a street away – well within what I expect posties deal with post-code-wise on a daily basis – nothing that’d make alarm bells ring.  I put a wee note through their door and, thankfully, got a text saying I could come pick up my garlic that evening.

Happy reunion over, the garlic went into pots to sprout in the mini-greenhouse.  I’m pretty glad I didn’t put them directly outside, now, as we’ve had a super-frosty morning today and I want to get them going before exposing them directly to the chilly Scottish weather – hardy or not!  Much thanks to Matron, too, for stopping me from worrying too much over the fact I’m limited to  a plastic ‘windbreak’ instead of a proper greenhouse.  To give it its due, the wee thing does get pretty hot in the sun and I’ve put it in one of the warmest spots in the garden.  Might need to see if I can get a ‘frost cover’ for it, though, for starting things off next year.  Truly looking forward to not having everything germinating on windowsills ;)

Whilst I was potting the garlic up I noticed that some of the narcissus (‘thalia’) I had bought had started to grow.  I’d been hoping to have them as indoor decorations for late-winter and I’d taken a chance in grabbing a bag not quite realising at the time how long it required to cool them for winter forcing.  Apparently the cool shade in the shed has provided, though, and I’ve now got a tonne of small pots full of bulbs in various stages of sprouting.

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