Cold-Weather Jobs

I love my shed – though I admit I keep eyeing up all of those sleek little glass greenhouses.  When we first moved into this house Andy thought he could have a music shed… for about half an hour.  Then he realised that the shed was a garden shed.  I might have had to repeat it about twenty times to get it to sink in but finally he realised the shed was not to be his.  Besides, playing a drum in there was ear-shattering both inside and for anyone nearby ;)

Finally got all of those saved-up tubs, egg boxes and bottles sorted onto the shelves instead of in bags on the floor, scraped all of the dust from a summer’s worth of potting off the workbench and dragged in the last of the current batch of saved seed to sort, clean and put away at my leisure.  The outdoor jobs are not done yet (I have garlic seed bulbs winging their way to me), but the nippy air and driving rain are definitely working towards keeping me inside.

That said, last Sunday was pretty nice in the morning so I did get to clean up a few of the plants which were clearly past it – some of the marigolds, some random, pretty self-seeded flowers left by the previous owner, a couple of cabbages which never really went anywhere and I also got to make my sprouts look like crazy space plants:

I’d always known sprouts ended the season looking like this, but I’d not realised that the leaves didn’t just… grow in that way, hehe. These are the two which are furthest on – there’s a third one which fell over when it was a seedling and, despite being planted right next to these two, is actually off-camera because it’s so bent over. There are also another two smaller ones which I’m not sure will make it far into winter – I planted them in the wrong place thinking they were cabbages and the denser group seems to have stunted them a bit. Oops.

Not looking forward to a winter without a garden to properly potter about in but I’m already making plans for next year and I do have some winter veg as well as some seeds come which will be early crops for next year – so only a few months until I’m sowing things again!

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