New Bed

I’m already starting to get ready for next year’s gardening – and it’s not just winter veggies.  Our garden is not exactly overwhelmed with space – I have about 6m2 of ground (in a long, thin strip) to plant any crops in which need space and then the rest has to make do with containers and borders; therefore, I’ve been looking for ways to expand my growing space.  One particular spot I’ve had my eye on is the side of the ‘drying green’ – it’s a spot which gets a great deal of sunshine all day in summer and winter and which I also have trouble mowing, because it’s a slight dip and I can’t get the mower right into the fence.  The birds and beasties loved playing around in the long grass, but it looked a little untidy and it seemed a little sad to leave such a prime growing spot to weedy scrub  – I can leave that on the other side, which gets less sun!

So, I decided to started a bed on the side there and, since it’s impossible to dig into the soil later in the year, figured I’d have a go at getting it settled in before winter hits.  Doing it this early also gives the soil a little time to recuperate before the frost starts and also plenty of time to settle.

I’ve covered it in black overlay in the hopes of killing off any extra grass, but I have a feeling I’ll need to go out with some snips soon to get the little bits of grass clinging to the edge of the fence.  I didn’t want to dig too close to it, so some survived when I overturned the rest.  It’s not a huge bed, but it should, hopefully, give me a decent spot to grow some more tender veg next year and, thus, more room for flowers elsewhere.  I really am coming to appreciate flowers – the highlight of the garden for me this year was the marigolds and their bright, sunny flowers just bursting with colour and cheerfulness so I’d like to give over a little more room to ‘pretty things’ next year – for preference pretty things which are also useful ;)

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