Requisite Blog Post About Blogging

Purple Foodie celebrating her 3rd anniversary made me curious as to how long I’d been writing this blog.  As it turns out I’ve missed my first anniversary by a  mile… a 6month mile.  Whoops.  It got me to thinking about this blog, though, and what it means to me.  It’s not my first blog – that dubious honour goes to the livejournal I kept for the years up until Uni and it’s not even my second, with a couple of years dedicated to a gaming blog which really catapulted me into writing in a more mature way and for an audience which is not necessarily all close friends.

I always talk to an audience when I write my posts even though if I go by my google analytics there are a whole…8 of you? I wouldn’t have even bothered with analytics if I didn’t already have it set up for the now long-forgotten gaming blog.  It’s slightly disheartening in a way – when I was writing my other blog I had around 400 or so subscribers.   I guess that’s typical of a niche blog, though – like fanart or fanfiction it attracts a wider audience than original work because there’s an instant connection with the subject that one cannot expect from a personal blog.  To get ‘into’ what’s here you need to get ‘into’ me.  I’m not sure I even like the idea of being overly gawked at in my own persona, rather than cloaked in a gaming disguise.  I’m rather dull, I know, and I pootle about with gardening & cooking, too much of a follower of ideas to generate any interest from either groups in my own right.  It’s dull, but I’m not going to go out of my way to change that.  I didn’t really like the pressure to post that is inherent with a non-personal blog, a thematic one.  I wrote almost  entirely for an audience towards the end, there, and not always  entirely to my own interests and passions.

Still, I write to ‘you’ out there in this blog, of course.  Or even, possibly, I write to me.  Future me, who’ll read this post and think:  Whoa, what trippy arse mood were you in when you wrote this? I can’t imagine writing without imagining an invisible audience, truthfully.  It prompts me, for one thing, to actually bother trying to correct typos I notice, to try writing better, to try and make my photos better.  Peer pressure, even imagined, is powerful.

I like writing and sometimes I could do with taking more time over it.   I waver between sticking myself to a schedule and complaining internally that a schedule is what turns me off writing – the sense of being forced to write which, like when I’m ‘forced to draw’ sucks any and all creativity out like a literary or artistic leech nine times out of ten.  The other problem is that when I write something but then cannot be bothered to cajole, coax and edit photos or images for it.  I don’t know why, but if I have illustrative images they have to go in.  I don’t like letting my writing stand on its own, I guess: it needs camouflage.

This post, unfortunately, doesn’t have much of a ‘point’ per se.  Mainly a notation on how I feel about my blog and writing due to a chance reminiscence.  That’s two ‘about blogging’ posts in a week.  Erp.

Back to attempts at shiny pictures, baking fail and random soups shortly! ;)

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