Saturday Soup – Parsnip & Potato with Feta

This week I’ve ventured out into the big wide internet in search of interesting soup recipes rather than staying within my little BBC comfort zone.  Knowing I wanted to use up some leftover potatoes, I took that as a starting point and eventually came across the interesting ‘parsnip & potato with feta soup’ recipe over at

I was first introduced to parsnip soup by an aunt of mine when we went to visit her – I’d never liked parsnips so I was a bit dubious about the notion of them as a soup but it was thick, creamy and delicious.  My palate has grown up a little since then and I relish parsnips alongside other things I hated when I was younger such as tomatoes, mushrooms, and chickpeas.

The only downside I’ve found to parsnip soup is that it can wear a little bit by the end of the bowl – getting a wee bit cloying because of the rich, thick parsnip flavour and texture.  The addition of the feta takes that away – it’s a nice, sharp, light note alongside the soft, sweet rooty veg.  The portions with this recipe are good too – the recipe is for four and each of those would get a generous portion and it’s easy enough to make with the ‘toppings’ being the only fiddly bit.

I decided to have a small second bowl with dinner – adding some beetroot salsa to the bottom of the bowl instead of the feta on top and it tasted quite nice – having the same cutting effect as the feta had though in a less sour way.  Both the beetroot and the mustard contributed to this flavour explosion and I’m tempted to actually try some sort of parsnip-beetroot or parsnip-mustard concoction.

My aim, next week, is to try to pick a very different soup!  Almost all of the ones I’ve done so far have been creamy or potato-ey.  Perhaps it’s time for a go at the classic french onion soup, or a thai noodle soup?   With the millions of recipes out there, I’m sure I can find something along that vein ;)

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