Swirly Rolls

Outside of the Daring Kitchen challenges, I’ve not done anything much ‘new’ to me. I’ve done plenty of cooking –  Andy’s parents, sister and her partner as well as his cousin have been over here for dinner in relatively quick succession – but when relatives come by, I like to try to cook something I’ve done before so that I know it’s not going to be too dreadful.  However, the two things I have tried this month have been thematically similar – whirly breads!  One was a sweet cakey, chelsea bun-esque recipe, the other a super-savoury batched whirly roll, the dough for which I adore and will definitely be using again.

Sweet Bread Whirls

The first, sweet, recipe was based on this one here from, of course, BBC GoodFood. I didn’t have apricots, so I decided to go for something a bit different and used some mixed fruit with chocolate chips.  When I was making them I forgot to put the yeast in and only realised after I’d already kneaded the dough for a few minutes.  The subsequent addition and re-kneading contributed to them being a little over-dense, I think. Other than that, though, they were ok and whilst Andy preferred the fruit sections whilst I liked the moistness of the chocolaty bits!   I really think I’ve found a niche I like here – bready recipes which can be converted into tasty sweets or, like the other thing I’d made this week, savoury yumminess.

Super-Savoury Bread Whirls

Again, this was a recipe I had to modify and, again, the original came from BBC GoodFood.  It was an Olive Swirl bread recipe, but I only had half the number of olives needed and, besides, I don’t really like olives all that much.  Remembering a recipe I’d found (and subsequently lost) a while ago, I decided to throw some cheese into the mix (since it needed to be used up) as well as some pesto for extra flavour.

These were possibly the most savoury thing I’ve ever made and delicious so long as you eat them carefully – otherwise the insides are prone to dropping all over the floor.  And no,  I didn’t learn after the first one… or the second… Ahem.

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