So, What’s Up?

I have fickle muses – when I do a lot of art my writing falls by the wayside and vice versa.  Thus, because of a recent spate of artyness, my blog has been somewhat neglected.  Typically, this has happened right at the time we’ve actually had quite a bit going on ;)  Given the picture-spam which would happen if I threw everything off my camera into one post, I figure I might split this over a few posts – so expect my posting drought to end in a small deluge.

The biggest change around the place has been the addition of a small, furry, meowing monster – Sam.

We got Sam from the Cats Protection shelter in Alloa.  We picked him because the minute we walked into his pen he head-bumped us and was eager to be friends!  Getting him from there was an adventure, especially since he did not like his carry case and hid the moment it came near his pen.  Despite a shy start – he hid behind the sofa for hours –  he now loves being petted, belly rubbed, chin tickled and generally pampered.  Behind the sofa is still his ‘safe’ space for when visitors are over, but the rest of his time is spent perched on top of it, or on the old pouffe, which is now covered in a layer of kitty-fluff.  He has an odd way of lying – he loves to stretch his neck out as you can see in the last photo.

Although he’s a pretty large cat he doesn’t eat much, though he’s not above mooching for anything in your hand:  grapes, bread, tomato soup… He doesn’t actually want them, no, he’s just enamoured with the idea of food which other people have, it seems.  He loves treats, too, of course, and tuna is great bribery material.

Being as we’re now official cat-people, you can probably expect many cute pictures to grace the pages of the blog ;)

Just before we got Sam, we finally finished our back bedroom.  In winter, a tile had been knocked off the roof and left a small hole.  Come the heavy spring rain we had, we noticed a leak which became a huge and very noticeable damp patch.  Once the rain had abated, and the roof was fixed, we decided we’d actually do the back room up entirely – something we’d wanted to do since we moved in.  In true changing room styles, we have before and after shots:

I’m quite proud of the results – although I’d painted before, neither Andy or I had papered.  We decided to go for thick lining paper under the paint to make sure the walls were nice and smooth.  It was a bit of a pain to work into the corners, but once we got the hang of it, it became a lot easier.  All in all, I think it took us several weeks to get it all done, though most of that was procrastination due to wanting to do it right and not being quite sure how to.  The fact it was scorching hot didn’t help either, as rollering, papering or even glossing the skirting boards became arduous in the sweltering heat.  It now has a tonne of bookshelves, a comfy couch, a lava lamp,and a reading lamp – the perfect den / study.

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