Random Kitten Visits

Last week certainly ended interestingly.  Going to the door after talking to a survey guy, Andy heard a mewing.  When he opened the door a small black and white streak of lightning shot up our hall.  When he called to me to check it out, his voice half laughing, half questioning, I wondered what in the world it could be.  I did not expect, a few moment later, to be holding this little guy:

We have no idea where he came from, none of the people on our street have lost him and chats with the SSPCA, CPL and local vets have been fruitless on the matter of anyone having lost a kitten like him (if full of good advice).  He’s the absolute opposite of Sam – playful, boisterous and into every single thing he can get his paws on.  He’s very obviously still kitteny – though we can’t place his exact age and so can’t figure out if he’s been neutered or is just too under-aged for showing his man-bits.  The toys we bought Sam, which our stoic gentleman has disdained, have been getting some use – as has the cat bed and scratching post which his dignified self also doesn’t bother with.

I’m loving having a cat who will sit on my lap and accepts being picked up and hugged – however, living with a kitten is hard work – especially because we can’t leave him with Sam, so we’re having to lock him in a room on his own (and the mewls are piteous, I assure you).   He loves his food; can’t get enough, actually, and I’ve managed to get him giving me mini-cat ‘hi-five’s’ to get a treat!

Sam is not entirely impressed with our little visitor (whom we’ve named Cai for now so we don’t need to call him ‘the kitten’) and at first was a little scared of him but, although they’re still a bit growly-hissy at times, they’ve sniffed at each other and will happily sit a few feet apart so long as neither makes any sudden moves.  I’m slightly amused that our big bundle of fluff is wary of a kitten one third his size, but he has been a tad skittish of anything ‘new’ since we got him.

We think Cai must have a home out there, somewhere, despite not having a collar – he’s litter trained, for a start, and seems to have been handled.  He was also in pretty good condition when he ran into our house –  a wee bit skinny and dirty but not emaciated enough to have been out in the world for long.  Much as we’d both be happy to keep him, I am hoping that out there, somewhere, is an owner who loves him and is looking for him.  Even if there isn’t, Sam is our first priority and if they don’t chill around each other more, then we can’t keep him even if we want to.

I’ve already taken a tonne of pictures, though, so if his owners do show up, they’ll have a record of his ‘holiday’ ;)

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