Edinburgh Zoo

I love the Zoo, I really do.  I’ve always had an interest in animals – ever since I spent my 50p pocket money every week on a new small plastic model for my ‘farm’.  It was an exotic farm, with giraffes, lions, tigers, deer, ostriches and eventually even an okapi – an animal I’d never even heard of until I saw the unusual little model in the toy shop.  That toy shop (Blythe’s), and the little glass-fronted case of animals  is something I think helped usher me towards my love of all creatures great and small – I went to the library to look up what an okapi was!

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to see an okapi at Edinburgh zoo, or the giraffe’s which were there last time – but there were plenty other cool animals – especially the pallas cats which sort-of look like what would happen if you mixed a persian with a wildcat.

Probably the biggest highlight of the day was feeding the rainbow lorikeets  – such cheeky wee things!  The trip to the top on the safari bus thing was a bit dull – there wasn’t really time to see anything – but at least it got us to the top of the hill ;)  Even with mostly downhill walking, though, the day was scorching and our feet were killing us by the end of the day, but it was so much fun.

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