The August Garden

I can’t help but feel the beginning of the end coming on for the garden – although some things, such as the late gladiolus and the sunflowers, are still to flower, much of the rest of the garden is beginning to die back, finish fruiting or flowering and look a bit tatty.  The marigolds, especially, are trailing petals and looking ragged, wit htheir petals falling all over the place – I have been cutting plenty for the house and deadheading them, but wanted to keep a few heads on them for seeds.  The last of the cabbages and cauliflowers have been dug up (though you can see the last cauliflower behind the purple petunias) and the purple sprouting broccoli is almost done with its short budding run

An oddity you can’t quite see in the above photo:

Not quite sure how one flower on a purple plant comes to be scarlet – I think the plant has actually produced three scarlet blooms so far.  It’s definitely one single plant

On the up side, my corn has started to flower!  I managed to forget to take pictures of the small, bright red silks the variety I’m growing has, though =(  Maybe next time I remember my camera on the way outside.

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