Stormy Weather

It’s been rather stormy the last few days (as, I’m sure you’ll know if you’ve been here, 80mph winds are hard to miss) and by garden has been thrashed about like a terrier’s toy.  Although it’s been the first bad weather, besides freezing, that my little garden has had to cope with I think it’s come out of it relatively unscathed.

The one major casualty was my sweetcorn – the stems didn’t break, thankfully, but the ones in the taller of the two containers did fall over.  I put them in the shed overnight, to keep them out of the worst of it, but even light winds are blowing them over more easily now – I may have to stake some of them.  The sunflowers came close – they’re just starting to get above the height of the rest of the vegetables and thus are in the ‘danger zone’, unprotected, but the quick addition of a sturdy log stake stopped them from being toppled, thankfully.  I’ve only managed to grow three sunflowers, of many planted, so I would have been a bit sad to see them fall over or break.

Everything else seemed to lean into the wind – the brussels sprouts, and even the purple sprouting broccoli, both of which have grown quite tall, managed to evade any damage.  The marigolds, oddly, are all facing away from the sun at the moment – in the direction the wind was blowing them.  Not sure what that’s all about, but we’ll see if they turn back.

Despite the ravages of the weather, though, the garden is still in overdrive mode.  Every week I look out and am surprised at just how much it’s come on.  Last week, everything was promising, with buds aplenty and the start of filling out in the more leafy plants.  This week, that promise has been fulfilled.  The radishes are blooming, as is the coriander; the cauliflowers are no longer tiny buds, but nearing full size heads, one of the cabbages was big enough to pull, and I can harvest a handful of peas every few days!  The purple sprouting broccoli is still producing buds, despite several days of having it as a side with dinner, and the lettuce is, as always, coming again.

Despite a great deal of diligent egg and caterpillar smushing, some have managed to survive.  They’ve had relatively little effect on my brassicas, though, so I’m feeling slightly generous towards them at the moment – we found this spiky little thing the above cabbage and I put it back outside in a quiet spot.  It’s a cabbage white chrysalis and can’t really do much harm now, except, I suppose, birth the next generation ;)  As much as I don’t like them munching on on my veggies, I’d certainly not like to see them disappear entirely.

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