Green Buckle

I’m continually being astounded by the garden – sure, I’ve seen stuff grow before but, well, when it’s all your own labour of love it really is something else.  In the last two weeks I’ve seen what I thought were already nicely large plants bulk up even further and even, in some cases, threaten to spill out over the patio!  I’ve had some failures (notably my courgettes / squashes), but I’ve also had more successes, so far, than I had dared hope.

One particular success I’m proud of is the purple sprouting broccoli.  It is, well, ‘sprouting’. It’s really budding, but shhh. Either way, it tasted really nice – somewhat like fresh asparagus in terms of delicacy.

I’ve been picking salads from the garden most days.  The best salad has come from the seeds that I sewed under the purple sprouting broccoli – despite or, rather because of, being in high shade, these have fared well and are the only ones not to have gone to seed really quickly!

We decided, finally, to get a barbecue.  As you can see in the last picture, it’s a tiny one – but it’s enough for me and Andy and not too big so that it can fit in the shed.  It’s so nice to be able to have our own barbecue in our own garden.  Sitting outside, in the sun, eating home-grown salad and halloumi-tofu skewers can’t really be rivalled.

Being summer, it’s also grass cutting time.  Despite my hayfever playing up, I’ve been trying to keep the grass trim but I’ve been leaving about a foot beside the fences.  It’s really tricky to get right up against them with the mower, and the birds seem to love poking around in the long grass anyway.  A few days ago, when I went out, I noticed a splash of purple amongst the grass and buttercups – more random weedy wild flowers.  Since I don’t have many flowers in the garden itself, yet, it’s a nice stopping station for bees and other insects.

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