Yorkshire was amazing!  It really felt like a grown-up holiday (yes at 25, I still don’t feel like an adult, haha).

We were staying at Brimham Rocks Cottages in a 6-person cottage which was really comfy, cosy and well stocked with kitchen equipment and entertainment items.  The owners were really friendly and went out of their way to be helpful. It was a lovely place to stay and a really good base for the weeks trips.

Every night, someone took a turn to cook – with one night being used to eat up leftovers.  Andy cooked pizza, I did lasagne, Mishi: Risotto, Chris: curry, Mike: a roast and Euan made a spicy red tomato sauce with pasta.  Every meal was damned delicious – it really is nice to know a bunch of people who cook ;)

We visited York (duh?), York Dungeons and Jorvik;  Harrowgate and Harlow Carr, Helmsley Walled Gardens, The Black Sheep Brewery as well as exploring the nearby countryside on the bikes –  Brimham Rocks being the first place we ventured.  Harlow Carr was probably my favourite place of the week, though the York Dungeons were really fun, too.

Andy and I are both keen on taking pretty pictures, so we were both grabbing for the camera as much as possible, but even so – we didn’t get any decent pictures whilst in York (too busy!) and our overzealousness with the camera meant that we ran out of battery at Harlow Carr- meaning fewer pictures than I’d have liked of that beautiful garden.  Sadly for both gardens, I think we arrived just after the best of the spring blossoms had passed and just before the best of the summer had started showing, but even so there were some spectacular plants on display!

For the first couple of days, the weather was scorching – reaching 30°C! However, by midweek we were getting drizzle and rain – a bit more of what we expected – but it didn’t put us off traipsing round gardens and was a good excuse to go indoors to the brewery ;)

Brimham Rocks:

Black Sheep Brewery:

Helmsley Walled Gardens:

Harlow Carr:

Saying Goodbye:

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