Banana Bread Take 3

Attempt number three at banana bread met with mixed success – this time I actually went for a full-on eggs and butter version, plain white flour with no added extras.  I was almost disappointed at how little difference it made!  It certainly had a little finer crumb, but that just made it feel a bit stodgy and it didn’t taste much sweeter, butterier or richer despite the traditional ingredients.  It’s also still turning out a lot darker than my Gran’s would – I’m beginning to wonder if she made a sponge version, omitting the eggs, as whilst dense and buttery, it was also much lighter in both mouth-feel and colour.  I really need to e-mail Mum and ask…  I may just be remembering things over-fondly or confusing it with another favourite.

The odd light brown marks on top are actually sugar I dropped onto the cake before baking in a criss-cross pattern.  It looked really nice from above, but you’ll have to trust me on that ;)

Still, my quest for a great banana bread will have to continue after I’ve gotten over being sick of the taste of banana.  I’m surprised I haven’t turned yellow, yet.

I have to admit that I didn’t really expect my potted pea plant, which I grew on the living room window, to flower and set fruit but apparently it’s a tenacious little thing.  I had my first peas of the season this week – something I wasn’t expecting for another few months – and they were delicious.  I had almost forgotten the taste of fresh-from-the-pod peas =)

2 thoughts on “Banana Bread Take 3

  1. Hey Nate, just found your blog! I’m really enjoying reading about your cooking, but especially your gardening. I am very very jealous that you have a garden and that you can grow peas. (I managed to kill a basil plant, and am not very greenfingered at all).

    Can’t wait to see what you make next :)

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