My mild terror about baking reared its ugly head last week when I attempted to make carrot cake.  When I realised I had no carrots, I figured I’d use sweet potato and it all went downhill from there.  Although I seem to be doing fine when following a recipe exactly, I still cannot do large substitutions right, and that annoys me, as I like to experiment a bit ;)

Anyways, suffice to say that when I turned the ‘carrot’ cake out of its tin only half of it came out…  The other half went back in for further baking and, in the end, I was left with a mass of crumby cake bits.  Tasty-ish crumbly cake bits, but nothing much to look at.  What to do with a big pile of crumbled cake mix?  Cake Pops, of course!  Bakerella’s foody-internet-wide famous cake pops blend cake, cream cheese icing and various coatings to make really cute cakes-onna-stick.  I didn’t have any sticks though, so they’d just have to be cake balls.  Still, I was happier at the idea of getting something nice looking out of the mess I’d made.

So this:

Became these:

And then these:

Sweet potato actually makes a nice substitute from carrot but for some reason, there just seemed to be wayyyy too much oil in the recipe with them in it.  I also added some fresh ginger and used more powdered spices than I would have for carrot cake as sweet potato takes flavouring really well.  The cake balls were pretty nice – but the ones I stuck in the freezer were really divine – the oil made stopped them from entirely freezing and have a mouth-feel similar to ice cream cookie dough!

On a completely different, but related note – my cream cheese icing came out well!  Last time I made it, I had some problems (notably being silly by using low-fat cream cheese which turned to water…)  It’s nice to know I can actually make it since I love cream cheese icing.

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