Banana Bread & Spicing Up Dinner

Another recipe from Joy the Baker, this vegan banana and coconut cake was my second attempt at banana bread.  The first one didn’t turn out so well – it ended up burning despite not being in even nearly as long as the recipe suggested and was a little mealy under the charred bits.  This time I watched it like a hawk and was rewarded with well cooked, but thankfully not over cooked, banana bread.  It was still a little mealy at first (probably because I had to use the  strong whole wheat flour I had rather than bleached, normal whole wheat) but the day after it tasted superb – it also tasted fine after being flung in the freezer for a couple of days.

Although I like doing the vegan versions of baking – reducing our egg and butter intake can only be good – sometimes you need to go out and make it the old-fashioned way for the full flavour.   Maybe next week – I still have more bananas to use up…

Last week, we decided we’d have one of our favourites – spanish potatoes and spanish baked prawns from the ever-reliable BBC GoodFood site.  However, there was some chorizo and physalis in the fridge which had to be used up.  I figured I’d try to make something to fit the other flavours and ended up making a spicy, sweet dish which actually tasted pretty good – one of my few ‘throw-together’ successes.  I fried the chorizo with half a green chilli pepper, added some honey, then threw in the physalis, halved.  Once the physalis was cooked, I added in some spinach, let it wilt and out of that odd match came a succulent little addition to the table.

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