Planting Glut

Monday, despite starting out cloudy, matured into a warm if breezy day.  I was keen to get out in the garden, so long as it didn’t rain, to plant the pile of stuff Andy’s mum brought over to share last Friday and to set up the planter she also gave me (thanks again!).  When we went shopping on Sunday, I convinced Andy that I had to get some more plants to put in that planter because, hey, I have room for carrots now, right?

So, most of Monday was spent in the garden and it was glorious.


My first task of the day was to turn a messy grassy edge into a future bright flower patch.  This little nook behind the washing-line pole is difficult, if not impossible, to get into with the mower – as you can see the grass there is really overgrown.  Some quick turf-lifting, the addition of a small pack of dwarf lupins and we’re set for a colourful summer.  I love lupins –  my grandparents used to have a large patch right up the back of their garden.  These are dwarf lupins, mixed colour, and can hopefully battle against the grass for dominance of the corner.


Second job of the day was to plant up the border plants given to me by Andy’s Mum.  I’m not sure exactly what two of them are (I think petunias and begonias?) but those were planted into the long, thin, sunny-side borders.  I planted one each of the geraniums and french marigolds into a hanging basket and the box planter respectively and the rest are in pots until I decide what to do with them.  I did take one of the geraniums inside to sit beside my other one.  It’s amazing to see the difference between the chunky, little, hardened off geranium and my big-leaved, indoor one.  Both aren’t far apart in height, but the indoor one has nearly double the spread.


As for everything else:

From left to right: mixed salad leaves, curly pak choi, pea seedling, radishes, purple sprouting broccoli.

It finally feels like the garden is coming to life.  I was so happy to see that, finally, some of my peas had sprouted.  Out of around 8, two have come up – not a great rate, but I had thought they were all gone so I guess it’s a nice bonus.

I also managed to catch myself on a screw which sticks out of the shed door.  First real gardening injury – should I be proud? =P

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