Carrot Cakes & Cupcakes

I used this recipe from Joy of Baking, and the cupcake idea and cooking times from Joy the Baker – so much joy going into these!

I always end up overfilling the pans and cases – hence I get these volcanic type cupcakes and cakes, I think.  The cake also took a lot longer to cook than it should have, hence the slightly burnt top – but that came off to ice it, so no harm done!

The icing… did not turn out so well.  I tried to make it with low-fat cream cheese and it came out (I suppose unsurprisingly) a lot more watery than it should have.  It didn’t curdle, though, which I was quite happy about, and it tasted just fine – so I just poured some on!


The other half helped me figure out what was breaking so badly on i.e. so the site should now be readable across the latest versions of internet explorer,  firefox, safari & chrome – I’ve not got Opera installed on this machine to check it .  It’s a ludicrously bright design, but I was tired of dull, ‘safe’ colours and wanted something that represented me a little better =)

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