Pork Chops and Pancakes


Another recipe from BBC GoodFood – Sticky Calvados Pork Chops.  I swear that site, more than any other, has pushed me into cooking more adventurously.  This recipe, whilst taking a bit of overseeing, is relatively easy to prepare and tastes delicious!  I didn’t want to shell out for a bottle of Calvados (a french apple brandy), since we don’t drink it normally, so I just used dark rum, as I figured it was the closest thing we had to hand (martini wasn’t going to cut it, haha).

Putting all of the flavour into the onions and sauce was something I’ve not really done before, and I’ve also never cooked apples like this, either.  Both were things I’d definitely do again and the sauce gave me an appreciation of the wonder of onions when it comes to soaking up flavours.


As I’ve mentioned several times, my skill at making pancakes is abominable.  It’s always bugged me, as my mum could make awesome ones which required resting but I’ve never found a recipe like that!  Whilst I can just about manage a really flabby crêpe, I’ve never ever managed a nice, fluffy American style pancake – the type I love!

This week, I came a little bit closer.  I don’t know whether it was the recipe (I’ve certainly never used buttermilk in pancake batter before) or just the fact that I’m less ‘scared’ about bakery, but I actually managed something a lot closer to those dream pancakes…  Not 100% but certainly closer to it than any attempt before.  The melted white chocolate chips are something I could learn to love, too… ;)


I’m currently trying to re-do the blog – apologies to those viewing it in browers other than firefox (especially i.e.) at the moment as the site may be a little freaky.  Once I’ve got all of the things as I like them in firefox I’ll start to get it working in as many other browsers as I can!  I love firebug, btw – it makes figuring out someone else’s css so much easier!

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