Sticky Sausages & Sweet Potato Salad

BBC GoodFood is always my go-to place when I’m looking for ideas for next week’s meals.  Sometimes they ‘work’ for us, sometimes not but eventually, many get added to the list of ‘make this again’.  The above pictures are of a recipe I’d definitely do again – sticky sausages and sweet potato salad.  It wasn’t only super-tasty, but really easy and simple to make – I’ve finally found another sweet potato recipe which Andy will eat, hoorah!   The meal was pretty sweet, so not for those who’re not keen on sweet-savoury, but after some discussion we decided we might try it in the future with venison sausages, butternut squash and replace the honey with blackcurrant or raspberry compote as a slightly ‘darker’ version which might not be quite so sugary.

I also baked a banana bread this week which I somehow managed to burn.  It tasted ok, with the outsides taken off, but was far to reminiscent of my usual baking failures :(  I’d really like to be able to make banana bread or yoghurt bread as it’s something Gran used to make all the time when I was younger  The recipe I had for this one tasted more like fruit loaf (dense and quite thick) rather than the soft, light loaves I knew and loved so I might need to do some searching for recipes and bone up on my sponge-bread making skills.

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