Indian Food & Avocado Cake

A few weeks ago, I watched Indian Food Made Easy a BBC show which attempts to do what the title suggests.  One recipe in particular stood out – Goan spiced aubergines.  I love aubergines, but there’s only so many variations of aubergines with tomato or mozzarella one can stand, so I jumped at the chance to try something different.  Deciding that they wouldn’t be great on their own, I decided I’d get a small aubergine, do it as a side dish and make a small curry to go with it.  Then I decided I’d make my own chapati’s and, hey why not a flavoured rice dish, too.  Apparently I like trying to run before I can walk.

However, my foray into Indian cooking (something I do rarely, as I’m not a huge spicy food fan), did not go too badly! My chapatis actually turned out as they should (much better than the roti canai I tried last week) and are so simple and quick to make, I’d gladly make my own any time we have a curry.

Later in the week I also tried my hand at some unusual avocado chocolate cake again. I’d tried it before as cupcakes, because I have a bad track record with cakes falling flat on me.  The verdict, then, was that the avocado was not to everyone’s taste as a topping, but the cake was lovely – so this time I made ‘normal’ coffee buttercream.  Yum!  Not only did my cakes not fall flat, they tasted really nice with the coffee flavour.  They did crack a little on top, because I made the mistake of over-filling my cake tins, but not bad for a beginner, eh?  Especially one with such a bad baking track record ;)

Caught up in a frenzy of fun cookery projects, I decided to sign up for The Daring Kitchen – a group with a monthly recipe which members attempt to make and then post about.  Sounds like the very thing to introduce me to more stuff that I might not have thought of trying.  Hopefully, I’ll get my first one in the middle of this month.

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