Weekend in Edinburgh

We spent both days this weekend in Edinburgh for part of the day – Andy had a samba school performance not far from Waverley Station and Sunday night we visited for an excellent performance by Sons of Fionn – the band his sister plays in.

On Saturday, we decided to head in a little early and have a wander before he started playing and, since I had my camera along to take video of their performance, I used it as an excuse to take some photos.

Andy Nate

pink flowers

purple and white crocus purple and white crocus

The crocuses were really gorgeous – a late display this year because of the cool weather – but they seem to be doing well, nonetheless.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the samba group as I videoed all of the performances :(  Maybe next time!

Sunday night, we were back in Edinburgh again – this time, at The Forest Cafe to see Sons of Fionn and some really tasty tea.  The gig was brilliant – but unfortunately, we forgot to charge the camera battery so didn’t get any photos! :(  We didn’t get back until around 12, but it was completely worth it.

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