First Harvest!

At Christmas, Andy’s mum gave us a mushroom growing kit.  We set it up about a month ago, and got our first harvest this weekend.

The day after this was taken, we grabbed another three of them and put them all on home-made pizza. They were lovely – sweet, creamy and flavourful with pinkish gills.

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Would you look at the roots on that…!

This monster came out of a two-inch tall seed tray.  I know it’s too early for peas, really, but I wanted to sow something and I figured I could have a potted one for the kitchen sill.    Wow.  The root was running well under all the little broccoli sprouts, though,  so I don’t think I’ll be planting any in a seed tray again – which is probably sensible since they’re meant to be sown directly outside or in deeper pots.

Outside, however, remains wet and grey, though thankfully not that cold any more.  I have a poly-tunnel down and black plastic still covering the bits I’ll be digging over in (hopefully) a week or so.  There seems to be much debate on digging over gardens, but even a lot of the proponents of not digging suggest that when a new bed is prepared it might be a good idea so I’m sticking with that plan.

The little plants in the background are some strawberry seedlings I bought – so far I’ve not had much luck with my alpines (even with freezing the seed) so I might have to just stick to the ordinary type.  Potato chitting will start next week – I have some nice ‘Arran Victory’ to try out – and then, hopefully, some early marigolds started the week after that to plant with the first bunch of veggies.

I’ve set up a planting calendar based on both the seed packets and the fact I’m in Scotland – mainly picking the later dates for warmth or sun loving plants.   I think my main problem is that I am, at the moment, too worried about things growing at all.  I know Grandpa grew potatoes, radishes, beets, peas, carrots as well as abundant flowers but I find it so hard to believe anything can grow when I’m reading up on things on the internet – a lot of sites are Amero-centric and bemoan their weather being ‘too hot’ whilst I’m sitting here worrying if the sun will ever come out.  Even some of the British sites suffer from this, with gardeners well south of here who can expect earlier relief from frosts.  I guess I just need to stop worrying quite so much and enjoy it – I expect some failures but hopefully there will be enough successes to keep me as enthralled as I am at the moment!

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