This was going to be an email…

…but it got too long!

Plus I wanted to add pictures.  So if it seems a little rambling / random, that’s why – e-mail is a terrible format to write a ‘letter’ in, which is why I like blogs – you can write something as though it was a letter and put photos in the ‘envelope’ and more besides.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree ~♫♬


I’ve just put up the xmas decorations – still got all of Mum’s old ‘music’ themed ones – parchment paper with printed christmas carols, hymns and tiny instrument models, red and silver drums, and those random tartan ribbons.   Every year we lose some of the ribbons though – not intentionally, I swear!  We started out with the tartan, a light red and a wine coloured set and now have only 2/3 of each.  I also would like to know what in the world ate all of the tinsel – I’m sure we had more than three short pieces!  Also still have the 12 days of christmas baubles  and those glittery snowflakes – they always remind me of granny and grandpa –  it’s a nice way to remember them at this time of year since Christmas as theirs was always the best.

Presents Before Christmas?


We got a new tv!   The big old one (from way back in WK!) was starting to go – you could barely hear it for the tube buzzing unless you had it up really loud, so when Andy’s bonus came through we decided to get a 32″ LCD. I know they’re old news, now, but we’re always so slow to upgrade.  It’s such a difference – It’s HEEUGGGGEEEE.  I can  now watch  the tv without my glasses on and the sound is amazing :)  It only just fits on the unit we have, though, as it’s not a proper tv stand but one of those chunky, 4-slot ikea bookcases –  Can plug the laptops into it, too, and watch DVDs from them so we didn’t have to go buy a player.

We got a new hoover, too (bit more boring, but just as useful) – a dyson.  Totally amazing after having what used to be a carpet vacuumer for the last two and a bit years – the old one from WK never recovered in Dundee once it stopped working.  No excuse to not hoover more often now :( oh no!

Plant Conundrums

The Chilli plants we planted almost exactly 2 months ago are about an inch and a half tall, now – I think I’m going to leave them in the propogator until I really have to re-pot them – we’ve been dipping into negatives at night and that seems to have killed almost all the salad leaves I had outside the propogator, even though they were in the kitchen.

Any tips? Could they maybe not be getting enough light? Some of the ‘winter’ lettuces are just about hanging on, but 95% of the mixed leaf died and the spinach just wasted away completely… Window is west facing, I think – but we’ve got windows on all sides except south so I can try to move them to another if that would benefit them at all.

There’s a sheltered corner in the garden, too,which gets the sun most of the day and is protected against the wind on two sides, – was thinking of maybe trying the winter lettuces tucked in there, in one of the containers Mum sent us*, to see if that maybe would suit them better?  Could they be suffering from being too warm inside, if they’re winter lettuce? They’re a bit spindly and pale and barely seem to be able to hold their own leaves up… though they’ve all put out at least 4-6 now after 2-3 months  (which is more than can be said for the mixed salad leaves, the few still living seem to be stuck at 2 baby leaves and about 1/2 an inch in height until they inevitably die off).

Not much I can do in the garden in this weather – miserable rain then cold and rain again.   I had just gotten Andy into trying a bit of planting for fun after weaning him onto planting with the chilli / lettuce seeds, but he hates being out in the wet, so now I’ve no chance until spring again ;)

* I mentioned in the last post that mum had sent us some planters, seeds and a cool gardening book but a few days later a very, very large box arrived and divulged a weather-proof container for the garden!

If You’re Going to Do Something, Might as Well Do It Right!

Had a bad athsma attack whilst (haha) sitting in the docs surgery and got put on the nebuliser for 10 minutes – first time I’d ever had to use one, but normal inhalers just weren’t kicking in.   Apparently I had a bad chest infection but I hadn’t noticed because I hadn’t started coughing…  Means they’ve put me on all sorts though – 9 pills at once in the morning!   One annoying side affect of the tablets to calm my chest is insomnia.  Given how badly I sleep normally you can imagine how this might be affecting me *zombie stare*.

Only one more day and they’re all done, thank goodness.

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