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Andy’s been off this week – taking a break after the Merchant City Festival (where Puff Uproar had multiple gigs over the weekend) and so we had time to go and visit the garden centre.  At Homebase a few weeks ago, we’d bought a propagator, some soil, pots, etc. but at the garden centre we picked up seeds.  Because of the time of year, we decided to grab some basic salad leaves we could grow indoors.

In the space of five days, they’ve already grown rather big.  I think we’re going to have to cull them or we’re going to be swamped by lettuce!  The leftmost four have ‘mixed salad leaves’ the middle four have spinach, and on the right are two sets of lettuce.  The spinach is coming up a lot slower, and its leaves are oddly long and thin for first leaves but it has funky red stems already. (Excuse the oddness of the photos – I only just figured out how to turn macro-mode on).  I’ve added a tinfoil backing to the propagator to give them extra light, too.

salad day 2

salad day 5

Mum sent us a pile of gardening stuff this week, and so we’ve also now started some chillis.  We’re trying two types in the egg ‘planter’, as well as some basil, parsley and random small bell-pepper seeds scavenged from dinner.  Apparently they’re all a lot slower to start so we can expect to be a week and a half to two weeks before we see if any of them germinate.  The kit for the chillis came with nice coconut husk planters, but I wanted to see if they would germinate in the kitchen first before using them :)

We got two medium size planters which I hope to stick a chilli or pepper plant in and a herb, with some salad leaves around – a nice pot full of tasty home-grown green things!


We also bought another couple of plants.  An african violet – I love them and all of the ones I had grown were lost when I moved to Dundee; and a bronze grass – I just liked how it looked and felt, and because it’s off season we got it for very little.  It might be a bit scrubby at the moment but I’m going to see if I can find something to plant it up with.

africanviolet & bronze grass

Mum also sent us some planters, and a good book on gardening in small gardens – the advice in it is really nice and it’s good to have a handbook rather than constantly having to refer back to 3squillion web pages for every little thing.  The planters will be pretty awesome – I’m actually tempted to try corn!  Not sure what else yet, though.

Really, really enjoying getting back into gardening!

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