What A Week… (and a bit)

Exhausting, boxes everywhere, gallbladder-killing diet… but we’re in now and starting to settle down.  Moving is something I don’t find that unusual and the new place has such a homely feeling that I’ve taken to it instantly – something which I didn’t feel so much in our old flat.  It probably helps that the style of the house is very alike to some of the places I’d lived in when I was younger.

We’ve ordered a new camera, so hopefully I can have some pictures of the new flat up by the end of the week after I’ve tidied a bit.

Highlights of the week:

Not being able to fit the couch we’d gotten from the BHF into the stairwell.  We ordered another and, thankfully, it fits and is pretty darn comfortable and looks good!

We also got ourselves a rather cheap sofabed which just fits across our second room and is oddly comfortable.  Thusly, we have a ‘den’ instead of a ‘back room’! Woohoo.

A Clio can hold a surprising amount of stuff in it.  We moved everything except the double mattress in it.

You can never, ever find something you’ve packed if you’re actually looking for it.

Oddly… I’m actually looking forward to finishing the tidying up tomorrow – it’ll be something nice and small-scale and ‘normal’ after the ‘epicness’ and ‘large scale’ of the move.

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