Quick Roundup


It’s been a while since we’d done something ‘different’ at the Falkirk surge edition but, with Mishi and Mike moving into their new place in Polmont and no games being run this week, I suggested we grab some food and make a big meal.  We cooked a chicken, Mishi made uber lasagne and Jamie, I think, brought apple pie.

The usual chatting / gaming / etc. occurred and, after food, we tried out the beta of the new X-Box 1 vs 100 game – it really is fun and plays to the love people have of joining in on TV quizzes – we were all totally having fun and getting into it! Apparently only gold subscribers will be able to use it when it’s properly launched, which is a shame as I’d probably have had fun with it otherwise, hehe.

After that we watched Die Hard III which I thought I hadn’t seen, but apparently I had, since I kept remembering what was going to happen during the film.

Annoyingly, despite taking my camera, I got not pictures.  Was having too much fun, I guess, hehe.


I’m surprised I didn’t keel over on Saturday evening as I forgot my bag of salad and ended up eating more lasagne / pudding than intended – a lot more fat than I’ve been used to for the last month-and-a-half.

I had my scan earlier this week and the sonographer said she saw gallstones in there so it seems we have a diagnosis, but I’ve yet to see the doctor who sent me to see if I have to do anything else aside from watch my diet since this hospital visit was precipitated by a bout of illness and jaundice which he thought might have been brought on by a gallstone which had gotten stuck whilst trying to make its way out.  I do not want to feel that horrid ever again, thankyouverymuch.



This week, I got a small furry animal’s worth of hair cut off!  Feels good to have my hair properly short again as it was beginning to tickle my ears all the time.

Food Experimentation


Although it’s been on my recipe list for a long while, I only got around to making herby salmon and couscous parcels a few days ago.  It’s got to be one of the best recipe’s we’ve used thus far – being both incredibly simple to make and wonderfully tasty at the same time.  We couldn’t get lemon and garlic couscous, only lemon and coriander, so I added some garlic but other than that the recipe was followed exactly – and it’s the first time I’ve actually had couscous turn out nice rather than terrible!

Just a super-quick roundup, too tired to write much =)

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