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Four weeks to go and we’re almost sorted with all of the paperwork for the new house – most of what’s left to do is done by the solicitor, according to Andy, except the handing over of large wads of cash!  It doesn’t seem quite real yet that we’re moving, and my preparations for it so far are nil, but I know it’ll hit me when we’re about two weeks away and I’ll be able to go into over-drive and get stuff done – doing tiny bits over a longer time just isn’t me.

Probably should start looking for a new couch, though, would be a pain to move this one in and then have to take it back out – the stairs are rather slim so I have a feeling that’d be a Hassle.


A lot of the recipes I’m using at the moment require herbs and, unfortunately, Tesco only sells the in rather large bags – enough for maybe 4/5 portions.  It’s rare that I need to use that much of a given herb in a week and, beyond that, the packets have usually wilted and lost their flavour.  So, once in a while, I end up with a potted herb – these are usually a good bit more expensive than the packet herbs and, often, don’t last much longer than them, being cooped up in pots which are really too small for their size.

Occasionally, though, you find one in the discount section for half what the packets are going for – win-win, really as it means you get more herbs, for less even if it does die off.  However, I’ve had a couple of tenacious ones who’ve decided they’d actually rather keep living, thankyouverymuch and have clung on past their expected expiry dates.  The thyme I wasn’t so surprised by – those buggers are hard to kill and often end up rampaging through herb boxes, smothering everything runtier than they are, but the coriander I really had expected to wither off quickly.

Either way, I was beginning to feel like I’d best actually take care of them if they were to keep living since, as I mentioned, their roots are busting out of their pots.  I don’t have a handy supply of spare pots, but I do have quite a few empty two-litre bottles…

plant in bottle

Although the bottles weren’t a whole deal wider, they are a lot deeper – and both plants seem to be happy in them – perhaps too happy in the case of the coriander – it hit the new soil and sprang into flower production mode.  Oh well, at least it’s still pretty, fragrant greenery.


Since my last post, we’ve had a really good run on meals – some lucky picks which have tasted really pretty nice – what I categorise under ‘would totally eat that again!’.

Spicy Vegetable Chapati Wraps, Smoked Salmon, Watercress and Horseradish Pasta, Falafel Burgers and Fish O’Leekie

The chapati wraps surprised me – I didn’t expect to like them as much.  Andy and I came to the conclusion that they seemed like a Greek/Indian version of fajitas.  With no-fat yoghurt, this was a really low fat, tasty meal.

At first glance, the combination of flavours in the smoked salmon pasta looked a little odd – horseradish, lemon and crème fraîche?  However, it turned out to be really rather good – though I toned the lemon down (the lemons we get seem super sour so I only used 1/6th of the amount the recipe asked for) and only added a heaped tsp of horseradish instead of two tbsp’s as I’m not a huge fan of the flavour and didn’t want it to be overwhelming.  It was really, really nice – zingy but deliciously thick.

Though crème fraîche isn’t exactly fat free, it was really the only ingredient that had much in it,  so the dish as a whole felt like luxury itself given my current dietary regime, but wasn’t actually all that bad in real terms!

pasta salmon

Talking of which,  I seem to have lost another 3-4lbs this week – which is awesome, if rather worrying in that I’m ‘not trying’ and it seems rather fast.  Knowing that eating a lot of fat = crippling stomach pains has worked better than any diet I’ve ever been on but I can’t help but wistfully look at cheese on my way past when we shop, knowing that if it were just a diet I could at least have a little bit… Ah well, hospital next week for them to scan me and see if they can find out for sure what it is.


When we were checking our Tesco vouchers this week I noticed that they were all out of date – or rather I noticed that all of the item ones were and proceeded to tear them up… of course I found out not long after that the monetary ones lasted a whole lot longer… Oops.

Not such a disaster as it might have been though – we rescued them and Andy used the code on them to redeem us some cinema tickets instead!  We’d been thinking of doing that anyway, but this sort of prodded us along more, hehe.  The good thing about these tickets is that it  makes them cheaper than even Orange Wednesdays, with the bonus of not being tied to an actual day.

Hopefully we’ll catch Terminator before it goes out of the cinemas, and maybe Harry Potter in a few weeks once it’s calmed down a little.  The tickets last for quite a while when you get them so you can grab a pile and stick them in your wallet.


Anime seems to be creeping back at me, currently –  someone mentioned an anime or two to look and up and end up finding a few more and… well… it seems this last spring / summer season has been full of shoujo style stuff – cutesy and sparkly and cheerful – just my thing (yes, I am ashamed at my taste in anime, sometimes).  Currently watching K-On! and have Hatsukoi Limited to watch next – with a short waiting list of others… any suggestions are appreciated!


I’ll finish the post off here as I need to put on another round of washing.  We always seem to manage to wear more clothes than can be dried on our drying racks in a week (we’ve no outside line) and I’m taking these few weeks of warm and dry weather to make good headway in the battle against the mountain.  At the moment it is becoming more like a small hill,  so it’s the time to push our advance! >=(

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