Low Fat Snacks & More Tasty Recipes

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First, for those seeing this via LJ, I footered around today and found a plugin which would allow me to publish from WordPress to Livejournal without having to footer with paid subscriptions and rss feeds – Hoorah!  So, you can welcome the return of my shining presence to your LJ friend’s page! I’ve come to love wordpress, being able to do my own thing and have more control over my content to the extent that I really cannot imagine going back within those confines, but I am glad I can now update here and feed it through to LJ.

Much /hugs to those I’ve not seen for a long time (too many of you) and here’s to reconnecting…!

Low-Fat Snacks

carr's biscuits

Lies, damn lies and ‘low-fat’ nibbles.  This week, when we went shopping, Andy and I were scouting for snacks which I could eat which were low-fat.  Low calorie is all good and well, but not as necessary – I don’t eat a huge amount of sugary foods, so I don’t mind getting some extra from nibbles if it means tasty, low-fat nibbles.  Unfortunately, snacks low on fat but high in sugar, whilst common enough, are usually very sweet -and I wanted something savoury, too!

I do eat a lot of fruit, incidentally – I just like variety.


First up, were Carr’s ‘Nibbles’ – rosemary & thyme biscuits.  When we picked them up, we thought they were water biscuits and the fat-levels were pretty non-existant.  However – the fat values were for single biscuits and added up quickly given the small size of the biscuits.

However, they’re not marketed as low fat and, if you stick to just eating a few biscuits (a small handful, say), they’re a tasty treat and a lot less fat-saturated than crisps.


These are terrible.  Well, no, that’s not true, they taste lovely;  unfortunately I’d fallen for the marketing and figured ‘rice cakes can’t be bad’ and munched a packet down before looking at the values – worse than some crisps I’ve seen!  Tasty, but certainly not low in fat.

The search continues…

Tasty Dinners


This weeks interesting recipe (so far, at least) has been spicy spaghetti with garlic mushrooms.  This was one where the comments section of the GoodFood websites really comes into its own – suggesting swapping celery for courgettes, adding a little spinach to up veg content, as well as more herbs and seasoning.  Even with all of the additions this recipe was a tasty pasta dish – something like a lighter, veggie-filled arabbiata.


loishaI’ve managed to do a bit more drawing recently, too – this sketch is of my D&D character, Loisha – a half-elf rogue.


It feels like we’re slowly getting closer to moving into the new place.  It’s cool, but frustrating at the same time – everything is geared toward ‘The Move’ but nothing can really be physically done yet. With 6 weeks to go, it’s too early to start packing and too long to worry about getting any bits and pieces we’re thinking of picking up (for gardening and so forth). Cannot wait to get going!

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